iGotDiscount (Malaysia) Ver: 2.0

iGotDiscount is a FREE application for users to enjoy discounts or benefits offered by the merchants.

Small Ideas, us, we, our, the company represent Small Ideas.
iGotDiscount is the name of this application.
Users, user represent you as an user of iGotDiscount.

  1. Please be reminded that the Internet connection via 3G or WI-FI is required.
  2. 3G or Wi-Fi's Internet bandwidth affects the overall download speed.
  3. Users are reminded that closing the unused applications that are running on background is a good practice to prevent low memory.
  4. iGotDiscount may not work in optimized condition if memory is low.

  1. Users may start searching for businesses by Categories, Trade Name, from My Favourite Stores or Latest Promotion.
  2. Users will need to select the States for the selected business and preferred Outlet. Except for business that provides delivery service only or from My Favourite Stores.
  3. Users may review the selected business description and offer.
  4. Users generate the discount by tapping the Generate button.
  5. Users must comply with the 'Terms and Conditions' of the offer.
  6. Users must generate a new discount again if the date has expired. Each discount generated is valid for a day only.
  7. Users must present the generated discount to the attendants before making order or purchase to redeem the discount(s) offered by the merchants.

Additional Info
  1. 'Categories' represent the general classification for businesses that are available. Example: Food & Beverages, Fashion, Entertainment and others.
  2. 'Trade Name' represents the titles or names of the merchants' businesses. Trade Name is not equivalent to the company name. Example: ABC Town Coffee Shop, XYZ Fashion City.
  3. 'My Favourite Stores' allows users to store up to 6 preferred stores.
  4. Users may delete the item on My Favourite Stores simply by sliding on the target cell. Once the 'Delete' button appears, click the 'Delete' to confirm.
  5. 'Offer' is the discounts or benefits offered by the merchants.
  6. 'Condition' is the condition of offer which users must comply.
  7. 'Map' button allows users to find the location of the selected business outlet.
  8. 'Like this Outlet' button allows users to express that they like the outlet.
  9. 'Share on Facebook' button allows users to share iGotDiscount on their Facebook wall. Users must log in with their login credential.
  10. 'Add to Favourites' button allows users to store their preferred stores on the 'My Favourite Stores' list.

Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions
  1. iGotDiscount © is copyrighted and wholly owned by Small Ideas.
  2. iGotDiscount is a FREE application for smart phone device(s),tablet computer(s) and website.
  3. Small Ideas shall not be liable to any services or merchandises of the merchants that may cause (directly or indirectly) dissatisfaction, damage or death to users or users' properties.
  4. Small Ideas shall not be liable to any misleads, scams or other negativities by the businesses or advertisements that may cause (directly or indirectly) dissatisfaction, damage or death to users or users' properties.
  5. Small Ideas shall not be liable to refusal by the merchants. Users may complain directly to the management of the involved businesses. Merchants are informed that the discounts or benefits offerred must not be refused, unless the Conditions are not met.
  6. Users must fulfill the Conditions in order to redeem the discounts or benefits offers.
  7. Small Ideas does not collect users' personal information during the use of iGotDiscount application or via website.
  8. All requests are sent through users' mobile carriers' network or WiFi and Internet network by ISP. Users may contact their carriers or ISPs regarding the treatment of users' information.
  9. Small Ideas shall not be liable for any leak or misuse of users' third party login credentials.
  10. Small Ideas shall not be liable for any incorrect direction, location or information by third party map service.
  11. Small Ideas may take legal actions againts users who abuse or misuse this application for unintended and unlawful purposes or activities.
  12. By using iGotDiscount, users agree to have read and understood the terms and conditions.

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